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In 1948 when Bill Carlson began the fine stationery printing company Carlson Letter Service, he could not have predicted the tremendous success it would see over the next few decades. He made the wise decision early on to sell within the wholesale wedding market, which set his business up for incredible growth. A few years after starting the company, Carlson hired a college student named Glen Taylor who eventually purchased the company in 1972 and changed its name to Carlson Craft.

Taylor grew his business to be one of today's largest privately held corporations in the US, with more than 80 companies and 12,000 employees. The Occasions Group was formed in 1998 to bring together five Taylor facilities as one company with one goal: to be the preferred social print partner for life's events.

With our rich history and print experience, we have retained a large network of retail partners. We would love for you to join our team to sell beautiful print products to the community around you. We are here to help you make money and achieve your business goals.